Pest Control Services


Bed bug treatments are done with chemicals. (We will get you in contact with another recommended company if you prefer heat treatments.)

We will come inspect the property to get a positive ID & will discuss the process and costs with the client.

Mainly beds must be stripped of all bedding & laundered. Depending on the level of infestation we will have to go further away from the bed & treat nightstands, closets and other objects in the room. No clutter can be in the room. Living rooms are good for bed bugs to hide. Couches will need to be treated & areas must be clean.

Expect at least 2 treatments or more depending on the level of infestation.



Roach work will require the customer to prep the rooms that need to be treated. Kitchens will have to have all cabinets and drawers cleaned out and counters cleaned off. Objects can be placed on a table and covered with sheets. No dirty dishes should be left out or left in dishwasher. Bathrooms need to have cabinets and drawers cleaned out and covered in another room.

We will treat all cabinets, drawers, dish washers and behind/under fridge and other kitchen products with sprays and fogs. We will need to do a follow up in two weeks.

Sometimes with small infestations we will use baits.



For general pests we place a barrier on the inside and out. On the inside we hand spray around all reachable baseboards, windowsills and under the sinks around the pipes, and inside the garage.

On the outside we hand spray around all reachable windows, doors, lights and eaves. Power spray the foundation up to 3 feet and out into the grass around 20 feet. This will include window wells, plants, shrubs and trees within 10 feet. We will power spray taller eaves. Place a granular around the foundation and window wells and sprinkler boxes. We will sweep off reachable spider webs and hornets' nests.

There is an extra charge for crawl spaces.


Areas We Service

Bright Pest Management services the following areas:

  • Pocatello
  • Blackfoot
  • Idaho Falls
  • American Falls

We will travel further than those areas with a travel fee.

Feeling Like Something's Watching You?

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There's no doubt about it. Pests are a nuisance. When bugs choose your home, count on Bright Pest Management, LLC to eradicate the problem at the source. We work with homeowners in Blackfoot, ID to help with pest prevention and elimination.

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By the time you see one pest inside your property, chances are you already have an infestation. While that sounds scary, Bright Pest Management, LLC can quickly make the problem just a bad memory.

Did you know pests can do serious damage to home and business structures? This includes:

  • House fires from chewed wires
  • Wood structure damage from termites
  • Mold growth in the insulation from rodent urine

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