No matter if they are in your house or just tearing up your lawn. We have a planned process to stop them from coming in, and to protect your yard.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are everyone's nightmare. We can pick them up at so many places. At Bright Pest Management we stop them and bring back safety to your home.


Roaches have huge health risks for those who have breathing problems and they carry diseases that you just don't want around your  family. Let us clean them out of your life.


Gophers can be your yards worst enemy. They tunnel under your lawn and push up the dirt and make it tough to mow. They also eat roots of your plants and trees. We trap, bait and poison these guys to give you back your lawn.


Enough said!


Bats can carry bugs like Bat Bugs (close to the bed bug). We come out at night when they do and we help them find a new home.